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Football - Show Some Love - Kamasutra

From our series Football - Show some...a guide to manly men who are unable to read a book to satisfy their girlfriend or wife (or both) and where we try to destroy the opinion you have about football in a very funny way.
In todays lesson you gonna learn how to make love with her cause what you have been doing till now is not enought to satisfy that insatiable b*tch. Lets start then:

Actually it is not from kamasutra but still.
A variation of Milk and Water Embrace

The Surprise


The Deep One
And the one on the back must be preparing for The Lick.

Suspended Congress

Face to Face
Variant Facing Face

And you know, if you think about any player while kissing your partner that just mean you like football very much.

                          Todays tips provided by good to know and JIjaSali.

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