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Insects Misunderstood

Viewed by most people as being particularly nasty beings and carriers of diseases,insects are actually misunderstood beings and indispensable members of the human community. No, actually you only live because they exist, and it doesn't go other way around, meaning this that you are a despendable. You are meaningless.

Although they usually go through a lot of changes and live for short periods of time - just long enough to have sex and lay eggs - because of their nature and thanks to us (very much), these beings still manage to keep their reputation as  the most diversified group of animals on Earth -  although looking pretty much the same - having more than 800 000 species, what beats all other groups of animals together. So they were faster then Adam and Eve. Curious....

Thanks to them we have pollination of plants (job done by bees and butterflies - yes, butterflies are insects too. get over it. - honey, wax, lacquer, silk. Also thanks to them we don't go around using masks like ninjas to avoid the smell of dead animals and plants - no zombies included -  since many insects, especially beetles, are scavengers, feeding on dead plants and animals, thus contributing to the remineralization of organic products; and the larvae of the housefly have been increasingly used in hospitals to treat gangrened wounds.

Sweet as honey moon.

Making sure you have food for later.

It is gonna eat you, when you are dead.

When you let pizza laying around this guy comes to clean it 'cause it is a cleaning maniac his job.

Yeah, it is watching you.
These awesome photos were made by Martin Amm, a german potographer who has been photografing since he was twelve years old.

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