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Photoshop Is For The Weak. Awesome Pieces Of Art Made With MS Paint

So, I heard you do stuff with images on Photoshop. Manipulation and such… Good for you. Now, please allow me to put your awesome works to shame with these excellently awesome pieces of art made with MS Paint. You read right, MS Paint, that program that you used back in the days to make poorly drawn houses and stick figure and to which every painting was an abstract work. Please be baffled. 

MS Paint by utilizator

and stars lit up the sky by angelized-d3k4gkc

Road Through the Mountains by Xamllew

ms paint contest pic group pic by futerartist101

chromatica by yenchizzle-d2xl38q

Dinosaurs MS Paint by Deepcore1

Merci Pour La Venin by will r0ck for f00d

NYC as it is by 360PerryS

   Adele by RafaYazoo

Spotlight by MSpaintdog

Jimi Hendrix on MS PAINT by VisioFX

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