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The Human Body Like You've Never Seen It Before. Seriously

What happens to life after death? Well, I don’t know since I’ve never died – I guess - and none of the dead people came back to tell me about it. Although I don’t know the errands of the soul after the death I can tell you something about the destiny of your body if you offered it to a scientist with a thing for the dark side: it gets seen by millions of people clotheless, skinless and in embarrassing positions.

Back in 1995 the Polish anatomist Gunther von Hagens decided that it would be fun to strip bodies of their skin and put them on display for all those who wanted to be ghastly fascinated. Applying his plastination technique he was able to dehydrate bodies and fill them with plastic making it possible in that way to preserve the organs and make the body pose as far goes the imagination.  

Although the exposition is clearly spreading awesomeness around the world it seems that not all people got on the flow claiming God doesn’t like it.

images via: obvious

Next: elephants, dinosaurs and aliens.
And for you whose fame hasn't been good lately you can always donate your body on the site of the artist.

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