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The Sun Like You've Never Seen It Before. Seriously.

You know, the sun is like the most important thing right now since it is the light that illuminates the path of life on earth (and other inhabited planets around this system - yes there are ETs), literally.

Besides keeping us warm so we won’t “disappear” like the Santa Claus, when he put his stupid idea of living in the North Pole into practice, the sun plays other tricks in our body that, even not making our body hard as steel, or our speed greater than that of the sound or even able to see through people clothes, are enough to allow us carry on with our single and precious lives.

Although at far it appears like a little shiny beautiful thing in the sky, the sun is actually a gigantic ball of wild fire (that according to the legends is a bonfire made by Chuck Norris) that would burn your ass in a matter of seconds if you were to someday play closely enough to it; so it is not like we can take a walk around it but the machines can and they have proof of what I've been saying. Check it out:

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