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A Turn On The Tale

When I was just a little boy I asked my mother what will I be liked to watch cartoons, I still like, and because I was so innocent and pure only the fact that Coyote would fall from the cliff a thousond times without getting a severe brain damage was enough to make my fun. But as I grew up I started knowing more things about falling (personal experienece) ang getting hit by a train, so the fun just went away. I could have improved the cartoons if I could draw or if at least the cartoons were made for a grown up boy, or at least if I had some contacs. Well, none of those. Someone sick tired of those old cartoons also tried to change them and here are the results, just twisting: 

 By Sheharzad Arshad.

This is not what I was thinking when I thought about changes on the cartoons.

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