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Aging Superheroes: The Superheroes After The Ages Of Glory

I always wondered how superheroes would look like when they were old. Nah, I was to busy admiring their awesomeness and wanting to be like them when I grew up to think about an absurd like that. But one day the question poped hard and there was just no way to avoid it. Guess it was around the time when I was wondering why thing grow, things like hair, penis and girls chest.

As any good researcher I went searching the largest database of stolen and unreliablethe information on the planet: the Google. And Google knew the answer

Strangely (or not) it was not the DC Comics or Marvel who answered the question. It was a French sculptor named Gilles Barbier. What he saw for the future of our beloved superheroes  he put it into a work named L’hospice.

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