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Planking, Owling and Beheading Are So Last Year. Learn The New Badass Facebook Trends

I sometimes check on the net people saying “I’m a badass!” because they did a planking on the 15th floor of their building or they did an owling on the top of a moving bus or even a fucking beheading. So I think to myself: what a loser.

If you are one of those people doing planking, owling or beheading you better check your level of badassary because  it is on the left side of zero and your badassary meter (aka badassometer) is broken if the mark is on the right side.

Good for you there are some nice people out there willing to share with you what is new on the market of badassary, what is trending on facebook. Learn your lesson; learn it well, for you will become once more one of the stupid and idiotic members of The (Pseudo) Badasses.

Want more tips about internet trends that only stupid peolple care about, and that can make you popular and happy now but will make you cry and wish to die when you look back on your past 10 years (or next week) from now? Follow the blog on facebook and receive new tips directly on your feed wall. 

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