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What Happens In Vegas On The Flood Tunnels

That for couple people to get rich a lot of people must get poor, that we all know, but we still try to get rich anyway. Strangely we still manage to somehow get "shocked" - instead of choked -  by the images showing the other side of the coin, and it is usually the butt of that fat old lady.

While at the surface of the Sin City, and the 2nd largest gambling center in the world, people gamble,shop and marry complete random strangers, beneath the city, in the flood tunnels, a contrasting reality unfolds. A reality which is brought to us by the photographer Austin Hargrave.

If you wanna keep checking your level of humanity through the amount of chocking then take a look at The Worst Of Human Kind. And for more chocking images follow the blog on facebook you will receive them directly at your feed wall.

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