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Zooming The Everyday Life - Things You'd Rather Not Knowing

Remember all those movies and cartoons where people are shrunk and then live great adventures crossing the carpet in the room, bathing in the kitchen sink, flying on paper airplanes? Oh, good memories. So much fun.

Unfortunately for us who ever wished to shrunk so can ride the back of a fly didn’t know that only about 5% of what was shown on tv were true, and the other 95% was covered with censorship.  

If we shrink, what we will find are not cute animals making funny dances, but a lot of angry-faced and weird-boded animals wanting to take the crap hell out of you, literally. You see, there is this vast and diverse world, more than ours that just because we don’t see doesn’t exist. A world within our world, a world that covers our own world, a world that exists since before ours. We should have come in peace. This is so vast that it literally send Adam and Eve take “up yours”.

We really should have come in peace.

 Your bed sheets and sofa
Where you spend most of your time lazing around, 
watching TV or watching porn on the internet. 
Let me just tell you that you're not alone.

What is on it:
Dust mite
Foto by Steve Gschmeissner

Dust Mites
Foto by David & Madeline

Dust mite face

Your cute little dog (so cute!!)

What is on it:

Dog flea
This guy is evil, I'm telling ya.
Dog flea (colored scanning electron micrograph )
Foto by Steve Gschmeissner

 The pond you take a swim in

What are on it:

A whole bunch of microorganisms making a party
Foto by Jesper Gronne

An alien from Mars. Just kidding. This is a water flea.
Foto by Dr Jan Michels

Aquatic Fly Larvae
Foto by Fabrice Parais
PS: Nice hair, by the way. You must use a lot of gel, don't you?

The guy you saw in the 3 previous images is Tardigrada aka water bears or moss piglets
They should definitely make a plush of this guy.

That hard-working ant living next door

How it looks up close:
Paraponera clavata aka bullet ant
This guy is about to beat the crap hell out of you.

Soldier turtle ant
These are not its little and cute baby hands.

The tongue of this hot chick

Tongue taste bud
Foto by David Gregory & Debbie Marshall
Not so hot anymore, hã? Nah, still hot.

A maggot

This is the actual size.

 How it looks up close:
Maggot aka  green fly larvae
Foto by Steve Gschmeissner

This remembers me of some movies with stop motion from back in the  late 20's, 30's and on. Do you remember King Kong from 1933? 

 Sweat gland

The life of a scientist is tough.
Up close:
Sweat gland.
There is a light in the end of this lettuce tunnel.

An egg

Actual size outside.
 Now look on the inside:
Foto by Tomas Pais de Azevedo (Lisbon University, Portugal)

Your hair

Yap, these are your  eyelash hairs.

And this is a head louse clinging to a strand of hair.

This is your hot girlfriend
and she is pregnant

A day old human embryo
Foto by Yorgos Nikas
Still 8 months and 30 days to go.

Your floor

Guess its about time to clean it, right?

After this you really must be wanting to watch more from this alien world; for that a recomend you taking a look at The World Within - Microscopic Beings. To know more about these beautiful creatures follow the blog on facebook.

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