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Disney Princesses After Fairy Tale

Disney has been for years educating us in matters such as the difference between good and evil - how all evil beings will always be evil, so they must be erased in any possible way; and matters of relationship where we learn over and over that girls should marry to anyone who saves them from a castle guarded by a dragon just few hours after the heroic act, to not worry about that mad looking beast man holding you father hostage because deeeeeeep down he is really a charming prince, or that it is OK to take advantage of an unconscious girl. I’m sure James is looking forward to thank you for this awesome advice after he gets out of jail.

Anyways, the true is that Disney stories always go “and they lived happily ever after, at least for the goody-goody. And we don’t worry much about what really happens in this happily ever after since we believe they’ll always be with such a big smile in their faces that would make Batman’s Joker look like he is about to cry, like a baby.

Of course not all of us would be satisfied with only knowing that; some need to see to believe. Someone had so much curiosity striking down that couldn’t restrain it anymore and took a glimpse on that supposedly utopic paradise and what she found is… is shown below. 

Bet you hadn't imagined paradise would be much like our beloved normal world, hmm? Keep on the move and take a look at Disney Zombie - Fairy Tale No More, and follow the blog on facebook to receive more posts about the other side of Disney's fairy tales directly on your feed wall.

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