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World Statistics Through Funny Rubber Like Maps (Only The Maps Are Funny)

So what does a rubber and a map of the world have in common? Absolutely nothing. But their combination turns a boring world map visualization into a bubleistic adventure like if you were on LSD. Who had this cool idea was Worldmapper, which shows a world as you’ve never seen before (this happens to be their slogan, btw), deforming the map according to what each country has or is.

Toys Importation

If Santa Claus did exist he would be from States. Fact.
Starting with the good news the Americans will be glad to know (or not) that they are the Nº 1 in toys importation, followed right away just by the United Kingdom. But when we say toys there are all kind of toys and since the data doesn’t specifies what kind of toys we just get to stick to our imagination although we know very well what kind of toys they are talking about. Oh, those toys come from China.

Nuclear Weapons

Love the bomb, son, love the bomb.
With no room for doubts is the fact suspicions that United States is one of 8 territories having strategic nuclear weapons.  The other territories are the Russian Federation, France, China, the United Kingdom, Israel, India and Pakistan. This data is from 2002. Just for you to know the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons" that was designed to stop the spread of nuclear weapons was adopted in 1968.

Military Spending and Arms Exports

Military spending.
Arms exports.

Since we are talking about weapons, the United States in addition to maintaining the house safe spending US$353 billion, about 45% of the spent worldwide in 2002, they also "keep the rest of the world safe" exporting weapons. And I’m not talking about small guns like these:

via: fottus

I’m talking about I'm gonna blow everything for fun weapons like this:
via: fottus
and ships, aircraft, missiles, artillery, armored vehicles, and guidance radar systems.

Alcohol and Cigarrets Imports

Still missing the gun.
And of course booze, a lot of booze and cigarettes. Japan is side by side with United States. Meanwhile the people of Cook Islands, Comoros e Tuvlau stay more sober than pope.

Tourist Destinations

Europe is booming, literally.

But the booze, the cigarettes and the weapons are not for tourists, ‘cause these are going to Europe. That’s right. People are heading to Western Europe: Monaco enjoy the formula 1, casinos and the fake believe of it being a tax haven, Andorra to enjoy the ski resorts and the tax haven, mostly; they also go to America mostly Bahamas for its beauty, great weather, facilitated exchange, and other things.


God bless... Asia.

Between doubtful toys, nuclear weapons and booze it seems that there are still people (or got more people) who cling to the religion.

Death from Falls

Meanwhile it seems that in China people are falling like rain. Jokes aside, 63 deaths per million people per year is a lot of death. This kind of death is more common in children, the foolhardy and the elderly, accidental falls mostly. There are also suicide and murder.

Teenage Mothers
So, since in Asia it is normal being a young parent, as in some other parts of the world, there are three times more teenage mothers living in there than live in any other region, where a third of all teenage mothers live in India.

Do you see this, MTV?

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