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11 Illustrations For Learning Biology (Without Dying From Boredom In The Process)

We know science make cool stuff like rockets, superpowers, viagra and other shits we usually at first think are magic but afterwards we learn they are not, but we still don't understand them, though. 

In science there is Biology, a very important area that studies life. Biology is something very important, and like all important things it is a lameass shit of boredom. But we need it, so we need to learn it. For genius and people who really like to learn there is no boredom (good for you, smartasses) but for people like me and you to whom God only gave beauty the situation is tough. Why, God, why?   

So how to go through this hardship without dying from boredom in the process?! Tell me, please!! 
Many options: you can make cool songs to memorize the stuff, whatch porn as an excuse of studying or simply do like this guy who draws all the shit he learns in cool and humoristic illustrations. 

Now that you have learned your Biology through funny catoons you will definily wanna see the real deal; I've got just the thing for you. Start by a light introduction in Insects Misunderstood and then get deeper with Zooming The Everyday Life - Things You'd Rather Not Knowing.
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