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Most Unlikely Ultrasounds That So Happen To Be Real

Gestation is one of the most important – if not THE most important – phases in the life of any living being. The first competition where you scaled a mountain x times higher than Himalayas, swam a sea bigger than all the oceans together, went to moon and came back several times,  passed in landscape made o acid and won a competition where there were about 200 million contestants. The others all died. Tough game of life.

For most of living beings this phase occurs far from the eyes of others, in something we could call capsule, being mothers belly or not. What happens while those beings are developing? For years people believe that what happened in that phase was some sort of magic where God was doing some beautiful trick creating life.

Well, because science is a cold bitch it came to reveal that this so called magic is actually pure chemistry producing the biggest source of expenditure for any parents, and parents can look and see their ruin developing through ultrasound. Although most of ultrasounds are lame, there are some that spread awesomeness or fear.

Future facebook addicted.

Will rock your world, literally.

"No photos means no PHOTOS!!!"

"I come in peace."

This baby just made his first lie or is just scratching.

After the Virgin Mary appearing in the holy toast, holy coffee grounds and that big mans' ass now is the time for Jesus making his appearence in the uterus, finally.

And also making its debute is the turtle - one of them, at least - from one of the most famous game ever, Super Mario.

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