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Sexy Costumes of Cartoon Characters (That Are Not Supposed To Be Sexy)

Back in the days I used to watch cartoons a lot, and I still watch, actualy. But I noticed cartoons are turning into erotic entertainment for children. Seriously, what is going on? Free comic violence is not enough that you have to put messages teaching little girls how to dress like a hoe? Not that I have nything against hoes but the rest of society is not as understandable as some of us. 

That aside, the grown up seem to have adapted their childhood memory cartoons into some sort of naughty everyday-life tale, for reasons that that I don't dare to wonder about, but if I had to guess I would say it is litle mermaid's fault. 

If you wanna still remembering alice as a pure litle gir that for using to much drug went to this magic world called Wonderland, and thatNemo is a litle clown fish and not the dress of a hot girl then this is your last chance to turn back, and nod check out this post.










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