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Fashion Trends For The Apocalyptic Age

I don't understand fashion. I said it. Never did, but I’m hopeful to be able to understand it one day. As for now I only see fashion as mean of making people feel bad about their looks. What is the problem if the shirt and the shoes don’t match? Is the world gonna end? No. What is the problem of people dressing accordingly to their financial situation? No problem.

They say fashion is art; I think that is not necessarily true. Sure, fashion has some elements of art – the creativity process, blending things to produce something that is agreeable to our senses, but what makes it a fake art is the fact that it is imposing something and discriminating people. That is not art, that is politics. Of course not all fashion is bad; for example when you dress yourself in a way you want.

But unfortunately it is not now that people will realize the bad nature of fashion, and even in the future they will make you feel ridiculous for not wearing something ridiculous that you don’t want to use. 

As you may not notice at first, this is a dress made of toilet paper.

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