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Barbie After The "The End" (a.k.a. Barbie In Real Life)

Ever wondered what your favorite’s shows characters do after show? ‘Cause you know they won’t be singing and fighting after the “The End”. They have a personal life, like yourself, unless you don’t have one – which I think is a clever move.  TV producers don’t show the backstage, i. e, the real life of those characters, because they don’t find it useful and/or because they don’t want you to know that Dora actually uses Google Maps in her daily life, or that unicorns don’t exist.

But with these days’ virtual sharing it seems there is no privacy anymore – which is good for us wonderers, because because of that we got to know what one of those characters is doing in real life.The images are shocking. The leak is brought to us by Mariel Clyton.  

We have more leaks; check out Disney Princesses After Fairy Tale and Pokémon After The End Of The Series. And stay upadeted for more leaks on your childwood memories followng the blog on facebook.

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