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Apocalyptic Pin-Up Calendar: A Touch Of Sensuality At The End Of The World

As it is constantly proven by the advertisers, nothing captivates more the attention of a person then something sexual. This is generally speaking. Pick the most boring thing, like bingo, for example, and add striptease to it and you’ll see how much fun it gets.

A good way of making people learn goes on the same method: sexual content. Games work too, but sexual stuff get more attention. How about using that to warn the human kind about the apocalyptic futures that awaits? Andrew Tarusov brings us Apocalypse Tomorrow 2012 Calendar, a calendar to remember us the possibilities of the apocalyptic futures after this year, that is said to be the last one, again.

I wonder if this is gonna make us try and avoid the apocalyptic future or hasten it instead.

The unusual and original calendars don't stop here; get amazed, or not, with What Counts Is The Inner Beauty. X-Rayed Pin-Up Girls.

Stay tune on facebook to get your unusual calendar first-hand.

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