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Too Much Estrogen: From Male to Female (In 14 Months)

We are entering a period of change, and I’m not talking about all the fat you’ll be putting on on Christmas, or the fact that the calendar is gonna change; I’m talking about the (another) World End, which happing or not will be a mark on the human history. People, please don’t go purchasing things like crazy thinking you won’t be here next year to credit all the shopping; this is the nth time it is said the world is gonna end – they’ve given this line so many times that it starts to give that feeling bad looks good.

So, being a time o change, nothing would be more fit than making a blog post about (sexual) change. You see, some animals can change their sex at free will, like clownfish, per example (yes, Nemo can do the trick), while others have more recently gotten the ability to change sex from chemicals that deposit in the water.  For the natural trans fishes, when there is a population of only females one of the fishes turn male, to fertilize the eggs, while when there is a population of only males, some (a lot) turn female, like happen in prisons, according to Hollywood movies.

Humans can do that too with the help of hormones (ex: estrogen), and here is an example:

11 months

1 year

1 year and 1 month

via: xpock

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