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Just Got Remade: Whistler’s Mother

Back in the days the painters didn’t have the undo button to undo their shity steps so they had to live with what they had done. While some made awesome pieces of art that are today famous all over the planet (and in some other planets) others artists just got famous to themselves and their imaginary friends.

Although their works followed different paths of appreciation, one thing those two groups of painters had in common: they all wanted perfection. Even today we may imagine what Whistler was thinking when he finished Arrangement in Grey and Black No.1 (a.k.a. Whistler’s Mother): I think I should have painted her in a polk dress and with less wrinkles. And a lot of other questions.

Centuries later, easily affordable cameras and using the most famous inspirational musa on the world (the internet), artists bring to life the hypothetical dream of that late great artist. Some are true paradise with flowers, butterflies and real unicorns, while others are nightmare with no flowers, no butterflies and fake unicorns. Check it out: 

via: Slate

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