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Commom X-Ray Photos (For While The Goggles Don't Come Out)

One of the of the greatest wishes of human kind has always been to be able to see through stuff. Some through the objects, others throught the mind and soul of all leaving beings, and some more pratical people just wanna see through the dress of that smoking hot girl. Well, humanity worked for it till it invented the x-ray. 

Ok, it doesn't have great resolution, doesn't see through mind and soul and shows more from that lady that we wished to see. So, what the f*ck did they invented that for? Many stuff, but not as cool as watching under the clothes.

We want something like this but showing more flesh than bones.

Well, while we wait for that smatasses to come up with something more useful we might as well put what we have to use and have some fun watching through stuff and beings in only two colors. Almost the perfect world.

 By Nick Veasey.

Google celebrating x ray's 115th aniversary.

Follow the blog on facebook and you might be the first to get the new pair of goggles that can see perfectly through stuff when they come out in the next century.

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