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The Japanese Girl Who Levitates

So there is this japanese girl named Natsumi Hayashi who levitates.

Couple years ago she was just an ordinary japanese girl. Back then everything was dull. Whatever she had to do she had to do sticked to the ground. Eating strange food, visiting strange places, imagining how life could be, and between that busting her cats doing strange stuff. But one, not two, fateful day of the last year something amazing happened: she levitated!! OMG!!! Yap, that was her reaction. Since then her life has been much more fun and  everything she does, she does levitating.

Ok. She doesn't really levitate, she just makes it look like she is levitating by photographing herself jumping about "60 times per shot in average" and making a face of "What? Lavitation? Just a normal thing I do everyday." Since she is a nice girl she shared her levitating moments in her site, along with some other photos.

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