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Bluntcards For You - All I Wanted to Tell You

Since today is a special day (I'll give one euro to anyone who guesses why. yeah, like hell I will), I've prepared something special for all of you.
I ain't gonna mention all names because I don't like to talk bad things about people publically.

First things first, for the recent news about the royal wedding:

For all the babling going on about Ossama's death:

In related news, Ossama's body was found today in Bikini Bottom by a local, as shown in the photo bellow:
And with this Wally remains the world champion (perhaps the universe) of hide and seek game.

For my collegues in High School who tought they were to cool to be hanging with me and my fellas, this is from all of us from High School:

Hey, person x, vampires like Santa Claus and Democracy doesn't exist, so:

For those on facebook this is what your 2067 "friends" are really thinking:

Hum..., what else? Hum... Oh, I almost forgot. The other person x, I am not obliged to congratulate you for the birthday, and btw, you are getting older and older.Since you insist here is something for you:

Well, thats all folks. I just wanna thank, who makes these awesome cards, for helping me send those bastards to that place, with style, retro style.

PS: I didn't mean all that I said, at least not that about your "friends" on facebook. Some of them go thre to check you getting humiliated.

For more creative cards to greet your "friends" (and frinds) on social networks and on real world, follow the blog on facebook and you'll receive the news directly on your feed wall.

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