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How Advertisers Are Screwing With You

I'm not really the one to talk 'cause I don't really understand about art and such (even tought I like it so I created this blog), but as the target of the advertisers I gotta say WTH??!! Seriously, what are the advertisers trying to tell us with the ads? I really don't get it. I mean, look at this:

I wonder what is she going to do next.
This is an ad from Puma, where it is supposedly trying to sell sneakers and handbags.
The only way I read this is: Buy some Puma sneakers and get a blowjob. I wish.

Yeah, I'm definily buying it.
From United Benetton of Coloursluxury fashion brand from Italy, something tells me there is gonna be an orgy if I buy their bathing clothes.

And it seems they are promoting horses dating too.

From Levis, another fashion brand, comes this cool artwork promoting their new jeans model.

Although I think the art is cool I don't think metal poisoning is cool, unless I become a mutant with superpowers.

Yeah, relly big. I mean, huge.
I mean, durex, seriously? I gotta buy one. But for now: is she blowing a whale?
And than, she'll still gonna get her mouth ripped of if the thing is XXX, I mean XXL.

Kiss it beooch.
I just get scared about these kind of ads 'cause I go buy those things to slap some beooches and than I get slapped. No cool, Diesel, not cool.
Btw, Paul, clothes wont give you super power unless you are a DC Comics character or an executive.

I'm seeing some PSP gonig to the trash can.
I totally get the message, that is: we are launching a new PSP version that is even  better than the one you have so throw away the one you have and buy the new one, and than we'll be launching the blue version soon, but PSP, for future reference, make a story background check or you'll be losing more than costumers. 

Come dear, lets share cancer.
And from the past a clear incentive of Tipalet on the promotion of colective cancer. If you want her to follow you anywhere you just have to show her your fat bank acount that you love her.

She has balls?
This last one is also from diesel telling you, for some stupid reason, to be stupid.

But or because advertisements  of controversial type give more income - go try and understand the people - the advertisers are betting more on them and we continue to maintain the statistics of the results in the best possible level.

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