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The Truth Behind The Creation Of Some Of The Greatest Paintings In History (From The Point Of View Of The Audience)

We know most people, and some animals, who are called and call themselves artists have some sort of mental disorder that commoners like myself, and probably yourself, think are fascinating because they proportionate entertainment through insane movie scenes, terrifying sculptures, unexplainable paintings and much more, much more weird yet amazing stuff.

I may sound ignorant and even prejudicial to the works of the artists, but the truth is that for me, the sane audience, to see what a lunatic artist saw when he or she crated that masterpiece whose fame will live for centuries is kind of impossible. My mind just can’t quite put a finger on it.

Fortunately for the audience it is given the appreciated freedom to interpretate the piece of art according to its heart and mind content. Based on that what we have come to understood so far about the great pieces of art is illustrated in the images bellow.

Unfortunately I don't know who the artist is, so if you know let me know through the contact on the top of the blog or on the facebook page.
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