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A Set Of Expendable Daily Objects (That You Won't Want To Miss)

At home or work, feeling something is missing... Damn it!! They stole my plasma and my set of pencils. Those bastards!! By the way, this space looks like needing something to brake this basic standard atmosphere. Hum...
Yes, this was more or less the thought of the company Fred and Friends.

Fred and Friends is a design company something like the a gadget store where you can find unexpected inventions or some that you though about but you realised were too hilariously useless to create - yes, they made it. Altough their products seem expendable peace of design (but could actually make you laugh out loud everytime you see them) they make some creative tools that are really usefull.

Hope they make XXL size soon... with borders.

Highly recommended for birthdays.

At party, don't know how to start a conversation and don't have a T-shirt saying it all?
Don't worry, there labels are just the thant.

Usefull against rape drugs, poison and other shits that will get you fucked up. Nah, just kidding.

Get them bitches dollar bill...chopped.

For people who cant get enough or want to show off the image of Vigin Mary.

For people who cant get enough or want to show off the image of Vigin Mary.

Soon to be saint.

And now you can make noise like an artist while you eat.

...or while you cook.


Two in one package: do your daily voodoo AND keep you teeth clean.

Please, put a :-).

The message was never before been so well displayed.

And you thought a plunger was usefull only for securing your had on the train while you sleep or for climbing buildings (as seen in movies).


Now you'll know when it is half full ...or half empty. Damn!!

Damn again!!


For traumatized children.

Zombie business is booming.

Teach your child so he won't have problems when he becomes a zombie.


Thank you.

Tahnk you again.

Someone give them a medal, please!!

So many ways this can be used.

Plus a rectal exam.

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............ Sale! $ from - 125x125 Poker t ............
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