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If Mother's Day Cards Were Honest

Mother is probably the most important person in our lives, after all she is the one who carry us in her belly for the 9 months it takes to download a baby, unless you were born from a tube. And as if that isn't enough she is, most of the time, the one who take care of us tying our shoes, feeding us, warning us not to talk to strangers and a lot of daily things that we only learn how to do by ourselves around 25 years that is when we are in college wasting all her efforts to make us someone in life.

For all that, we try to show our appreciation in the most honest way trying our best to do it without hurting her and trying to show that she has done a good job looking after us even after we moved out  at age of 30. Even for not making her worry we hide things from her and even elimante people so she wont find out the nasty things we have been doing.

But in a perfect world even appreciating her effort with the most sincer feelings of love the honesty doesn't let the cards be a sea of roses; they are nore like this:

Via: someecards

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