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How Children See The World

When I was just a child I used to think that there were people inside TV and radio. Once I opened a radio to see if I could find those little people but there was no one there; they must have run away, I thought. Strangely, I didn’t believe in Santa Claus, unicorns and the equality promoted by politicians wearing suites costing more than my mother’s paycheck. 

I also thought the blanket was some kind of shield that would protect people while they slept, that all cats are female and all dogs are male, etc. Today I know that Santa Claus is possibly a character created by Coca-Cola and that you can really make a unicorn by wrapping a stick with tape in the head of a horse or a donkey.

 Much didn’t make sense but it was what was going on in my head. And it seems I was not the only one.

Illustrations by Pierrette Diaz.

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