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If Movies, Cartoons And Video Games Were Truthful To Reality

We here at RSRT (and by we I mean me and my imaginary friends) love hypothetical situations, and we love them even more when they involve cases of honesty. So if you have ever visited this blog before and took a look around it is possible that a If in the beginning of a post title called your attention, or not.

 In any case we valorize those hypothetical honest situations because they are fun and unlikely to happen, what are enough reasons to make us laugh of the poor soul that took time to express its fondest hope through decent graphic illustration.

This time we focus on the big lack of truthfulness on cartoons, movies and video games. The main reason we watch movies, cartoons and play videogames is because real life is boring, so we decide to move our mind to a happy place where we can walk our unicorn instead of a puffy dog that poops on the street. Reality is too cruel.

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