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Mapping Stereotypes: The Most Popular Names In Europe

We are now around that time when a lot of babies start to show up at our doorsteps – you know, because of the order you made in the summer last year; the storks are really busy around this time of year, dodging bullets and delivering babies.

So, I’m sure you’ve come up with a bunch of names for your unborn baby, and I’m pretty sure they are awesome names, for you. No doubt Gaylord is a perfectly good name for any child, living in the 18th century; but in this century that name would only get your child an excellent ass-kicking and a trauma for the rest of its life.

You want to be creative and give your child a name one can’t pronounce without bending the tongue and swelling bubbles? By all means, please do that. That name will probably be popular in the next century anyway. But before you ruin your kid’s life, here is a list of names trending right now:

    For girls:

    For boys:

These illustrations are part of the project Mapping Stereotypes by the bulgarian graphic designer Yanko Tsvetkov.

PS: The names on the maps above can only be used for european children, and none else.

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