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The Personality We Wear. Photographer Shows How The Clothes Make The Social Man

"A man's shoes tell what kind of man he is."; semeone said that. And that someone was (partially) wrong. What you wear defines how you look to the eyes of society: if you wear a cop's uniforme you are a cop, if you wear a white coat in a hospital you are a doctor, if you wear crocs you are either crazy or brave.

We are beautiful creatures who have learned and evolved through assimilation, and in the same way we've learned to generalize random events and turn them into discrimination, racism. If you think you don't judge people by their appearence, you're probably right, at least in the conscience side, because you unconscience side is doing that boring task for you, so you can do more important things like texting while driving, self-food poisoning and study.

In this series of images you'll notice something very interesting; which is...

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