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If Movie Titles Were Honest

When picking a movie to watch the first thing I look at is the poster. If there is a lot of things blowing up, blood, guns, tits and great headline I pick it; I don't even read the summary. Doesn't matter. And you do the same, DON'T YOU? DON'T YOU?

As a result of this shitty method of picking movies the person spends the rest of the day eating ice cream and watching porn trying to distress because those bastards from the department of marketing did a better job than the movie directors themselves. 

In a perfect world we would go buy a movie or download it illegally from torrent and spend a relaxing day watching it because we didn't pick the movie Piranha 3D (that is not a horror movie as it is said, but a kinda funny-porn comedy). Yes, in a perfect world, where the posters would be like these:

                                                                                                                                                               via: College Humor

Wanna keep dreaming about the perfect world where you really get to see posters that tell the true? Then stop by Spoiling Posters, and if you think ads should be more honest too then you gotta read How Advertisers Are Screwing With You. And follow the blog on facebook to receive more honest stuff.

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