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IKEA's Side Business: The Build It Yourself Cooking Game

IKEA has been, for years, keeping our inner child alive by taking the childhood game Build It Yourself to the next level: the adult level. Please, calm down your dirty mind. By adult level I mean, it is expensive so you need responsibility to manage it, plus the fun just last while you are putting the pieces together and right before your loose your temper.

Adult games like working, cooking and taking care of children are usually boring, unless your work is staying at home making a lot of money or travel the world for free. Or if you are a mad scientist.
Realizing that IKEA went out of its way and made a cooking game relating to Build It Yourself – because, honestly, who doesn’t like to put pieces together and building things. Have fun, kids.
The "game developer" was the photographer Carl Kleiner

Want more fun games to remember you of your long lost childhood? Stay tuned on facebook.

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